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Words Matter
In Our Image
A Pathway to Faith for Today's Christian
Barbara Gleespen

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The basis and the basics of Christianity have not changed in over 2000 years. But the world has changed, society and cultural mores have changed, and we have changed along with them. Our minds have become more skeptical; our spirits dampened. In Our Image speaks to the impact of faith and scripture in a modern world. It offers hope, comfort and encouragement. Most importantly, it presents a compelling argument for faith and an intimate relationship with our Creator.

It doesn’t matter if picking up this book is the first step on your faith journey or you’re already traversing the path. In Our Image will enlighten and guide you along the way.




Title:  In Our Image


Author:  Barbara Gleespen


Length:  140 pp. / Soft-cover


Format:  Book
                  E Book




Language:  English


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